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A Word about Prevention

Preventative health care is a very important part of our practice. The key screenings which are recommended by Cancer Care Ontario are for breast, colon and cervical cancers. Pap tests are now recommended for cervical cancer screening every three years starting at age 21. This applies to most women, with a few exceptions. Colon cancer screening with either stool for occult blood or colonoscopy is recommended for men and women over 50 years. Screening mammograms are recommended regularly every 1-2 years for women over 50. Discuss these preventative health measures at your next visit.

Diabetes Management

Almost 1.5 million Ontarians have diabetes. Most can lead healthy lives if they eat a balanced diet, exercise regularly, maintain a healthy weight and manage blood glucose levels, taking insulin if needed. If you're living with diabetes, make sure you see your doctor regularly 3-4 times per year to monitor your health. This can help you manage your diabetes and avoid complications.


We are pleased to be working with PatientSERV, an established company who are assisting us with the administration of our program for uninsured services. We feel that the PS365 program offers you an easy, efficient way to manage this aspect of your healthcare. Regardless of the choice you make, please be assured that it will have no bearing upon the medical care you receive.


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My medical practice is part of a Family Health Organization (FHO) and the Hamilton Family Health Team (HFHT). As my patient, you have access to a number of allied health professionals including registered nurses, a dietician, mental health counsellors and a clinical pharmacist to enhance your patient care. Being part of a FHO also means that I am part of a group of doctors who provide coverage for each other's practices when we are not available. There are four doctors in my FHO, including me. We are able to provide continuity of care with the help of an electronic medical record and access to each other's medical records if needed. One of the goals of the FHO is to provide patients with health care services when their doctor is not available. This means that when I am away, one of the other doctors in the FHO may see you at his or her office, and will keep me updated about your encounter. Simply call my office when you need medical care and we will do our best to answer to your needs. Patients also have access to speak to a nurse after hours, evenings, weekends and holidays by calling 1-866-553-7205 (Telephone Health Advisory Service). 
What I ask from you is to always use the services of our FHO rather than simply go to a walk-in clinic. For semi-urgent problems, we are typically able to fit you in for an office visit before the end of the day. For emergencies, or serious urgent medical problems, the Emergency Department or an Urgent Care Centre is still the place to go. The best thing to do for non-emergency medical needs is to call my office at 905-547-6331 and speak to the receptionist or listen to the directions from the message machine regarding after-hours care. Again, I ask that you do not use walk-in clinics.
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